flere latinske utrykk 3

in aeternum - for eternity
in articulo mortis - at the moment of death
in principio - in the beginning
inter alia - among other things
inter alios - among other people
in terrorem - as a warning
lapsus calami - a slip of the pen
lapsus linguae - a slip of the tongue
lapsus memoriae - a slip of the memory
locus delicti - the scene of the crime
locus desperatus - a hopeless passage
locus in quo - the place in which something happens
locus poenitentiae - a place for repentance
LS (locus sigilli) - the place of the seal
locus standi - place of standing
longo intervallo - after a long gap

flere latinske utrykk 2

compos mentis - of sound mind (and judgement)
consummatum est - it is completed
contra mundum - against the world
coram populo - before the public
cum grano salis - with a grain of salt
cum laude - with praise
curriculum vitae - the course of one's life
custos morum - guardian of morals
esto perpetue - may you last for ever
fiat - let it be done
fiat lux - let there be light
Fidei Defensor - defender of the faith
haud ignota loquor - I say things that are known
hic et nunc - here and now

flere latinske utrykk

ab aeterno - from the beginning of time
a bene placito - at one's pleasure
ab imo pectore - from the bottom of the heart
ab incunabulis - from the cradle
ab initio - from the beginning
ab intestato - having made no will
ad infinitum -
to infinity
ante-mortem -
before death
aude sapere -
dare to know
aut vincere aut mori -
either conquer or die
ave atque vale -
hello and goodbye
cadit quaestio -
the question drops
caeca invidia est -
envy is blind
carpe diem -
sieze the day
casus belli -
an act used to justify war
cave -
caveat -
let him/her beware
caveat emptor -
let the buyer beware
cave canem -
beware of the dog
cedo maiori -
I yield to a greater person
cetera desunt -
the rest is missing

for deg som vil lre noen latinske utrykk..

cogito ergo doleo-Jeg tenker;derfor er jeg trist

cogito ergo sum-I think therefore I'm

dum spiro spero-While I breath I hope

errare humanum est-Der er mennskelig feile

In omnia paratus-Ready for everything

lachryma figaro-Figaros trer

memento mori-husk dden

miserere-have mercy

nascentes morimur-fra dagen vi blir fdt,dr vi.

nocse te ipsum-kjenn deg selv

odi et amo-I hate,and I love

salve veritate-saving the truth

semper idem-always the same

spero melinor-I hope for better things

veritas vos liberatbit-sannheten vil sette deg fri

veritas nunguam perit-sannheten dr aldri

omnia praeclara rara-gode ting er skjeldne