flere latinske utrykk 3

in aeternum - for eternity
in articulo mortis - at the moment of death
in principio - in the beginning
inter alia - among other things
inter alios - among other people
in terrorem - as a warning
lapsus calami - a slip of the pen
lapsus linguae - a slip of the tongue
lapsus memoriae - a slip of the memory
locus delicti - the scene of the crime
locus desperatus - a hopeless passage
locus in quo - the place in which something happens
locus poenitentiae - a place for repentance
LS (locus sigilli) - the place of the seal
locus standi - place of standing
longo intervallo - after a long gap

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Non Omnis Moriar - I will not completely dieOmnia Mutantur, Nos et Mutamur In Illis - All things change, and we change with them

26.05.2004 @ 22:59

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