hvor ond er jeg egentlig mohahah

ja n skal jeg se da om jeg er skikkelig ond eller har ett hjerte av gull *hihi*

Good for you, you're human. We all have evil thoughts, and you may have acted on a few of yours, but you're probably okay traveling through Buffy's turf. Or maybe you're an aspiring evil person and you've never given yourself a real chance. Go ahead and forgive yourself for the mean-spirited ? but ultimately harmless ? pranks you pulled in grade school. Whispering behind your co-workers' backs won't flood you with bad karma. And we've all held out for ourselves in the throes of passion a time or two. So keep listening to that conscience of yours, but don't worry about tuning it out every so often. Keep reading for more evil details!

We're all slaves to our urges ? some just more than others. Sure, you probably shake it a little to get your way, but you don't beat yourself up over it (unless you're into that, of course). For your own sake, realize that getting hurt sexually generally stings more than being burnt with your clothes on. So even if your pillow pal has a mean set of love handles, keep it to yourself. Just listen to that little voice in your head (no, not that one), and the evil sex thing will stop.

Well, there's nothing passive about you. When you've got a problem, the whole room knows. Chances are your lack of any passive-aggressiveness makes you come off like a real hothead. The good news is that it doesn't make you evil. The bad news? It might make you a bit annoying. Make sure you're not raising your voice too loud, or all the passive-aggressive people around you are going to put sugar in your gas tank.

We're not going to say you're a bad person, but you're toeing the line. A little advice: Try to think about how your victim will feel before you pull your next dirty prank (we don't care how funny it is when you take out a classifed ad and sell someone's car for them). You may think cruelty is funny, but your friends don't ? especially the ones who've been burned by your verging-on-evil ways. Listen to your conscience a little more, okay?

vi kan da ikke alle vre mor theresa heller da *ler*


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